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Star Chasing
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To read Star Chasing is to embark onh a meditation on family, growing up, love, and society, through dreamlike images that are whispered. His poems speak of lonliness,isolation, the desire to reach across, the search for connection.

Thomas R. Thomas' new collection Star Chasing is like a telescope that brings its own sky. These passionate and formally innovative poems chart new constellations, celebrating childhood, marriage, death, and the gods of America. Thomas' rare eye brings this zodiac into breathtaking focus. This is a book to take on the road. These are poems to get you home.
—Brendan Constantine, author of Dementia, My Darling

Thomas R. Thomas' Star Chasing is a chronicle of dreams, disappointments, and tragedies, boyhood to manhood, in tract-house Southern California. The deaths of JFK and RFK in childhood, the booms and busts of tech-economy and personal losses in adulthood tell the poignant story of a man's life. One of my favorite poems "in my dreams," captures the wistful spirit of this book. The last two stanzas: living again/the days of/my youth//when running/was like flying.
—Donna Hilbert, author of Gravity: New & Selected Poems

Thomas' minimalist lines are filled with empathy and purity. He is able to dissect both blinding pain and fragile acts of redemption with the same steady, incisive hand. This expressive, genre-spanning collection will draw you in and then echo through your mind in the small hours of the night.
—Scott Noon Creley, author of Digging a Hole to the Moon